oneWeigh Scale Automation

The oneWeigh automation system helps grain facilities keep truck scale traffic moving and expedite billing with ease and flexibility. No matter what your grain facility layout, processes, or expansion plans, oneWeigh solutions fit your setup and level of automation needs to help you improve your shipping and receiving operations.  Watch the video to see how it all comes together for your customers.

Streamline Shipping and Receiving Operations

oneWeigh platform automation begins at the inbound scale and probing station, recording crucial information about each load, so it can be quickly validated by drivers. Outbound, oneWeigh software brings together the information it gathers for an accurate delivery ticket that can be printed right at the scale. A proven, practical and easy to use solution to make the journey through your grain facility smoother.

The return on investment for automation happens fast. Just taking 10 – 15 seconds off the process means you can process at least 2 more trucks an hour. The additional BUs you collect for each truck X 50 days of harvest = could mean $50k or more to you – not to mention the labor savings.

oneWeigh - Platform Scale Automation


Practical and Flexible

oneWeigh is easy-to-use and customizable, providing all the features you need for efficiency. With over 25 years of industry expertise, it is the most widely used solution that can be quickly deployed on any industry standard hardware platform – saving you money and time for fast service.

Start practical and add additional automation when it makes sense for your grain facility.

  • Create scale tickets quickly and easily and reduce manual data entry and costly errors
  • Keep traffic moving and decrease wait times for truck unloading and improve customer satisfaction
  • Automatically record information using RFID tag reader technology and auto ID features for easy and quick identification and tracking the load throughout your facility
  • Validate ticket information and improve communication with outdoor Message Boards for improved accuracy and customer satisfaction
  • Eliminate missed weights and quickly convey accurate real-time load information to the receiving pit area, or any Windows PC or tablet, with Pit Monitor
  • Connect to analytical grading equipment to reduce costly errors and get immediate posting of grade data
  • Enhance convenience for customers with outdoor printers and signature pads, or add a Drivers License Scanner Interface to capture driver name quickly
  • Automate the steps needed to transfer grain between facilities with Transfer Plus
  • Use our Biometric Security Scanner Interface to control who has access to critical functions within ticket entry
  • Leverage the PLC Control interface to share data – including commodity, weight, and grades – from a ticket in process with other plant systems such as a PLC or scale indicator
  • Create delivery tickets and process sales orders for bulk product purchases and sales, expediting invoicing and improving inventory management and billing integrity

Top 5 Reasons to Use Truck Scale Automation


An Integrated Solution For Visibility

Gauge facility throughput and efficiency with one-click access to operational reports. Easily capture the information you need for compliance reporting from your scale ticket process.

Improve accuracy and save time with integration to AGRIS™, CINCH or to any other grain commodity accounting system.

Scale to Pit Efficiency for James Valley Grain