binSight Automated Bin Management System

For grain handlers and merchandisers, having up-to-date inventory knowledge is key for correct binning, meeting contract requirements, producing more profitable blends, tracking grain and providing IP documentation. 

binSight - Automated Bin Management


Customers Share Their Story

We invite you to hear from our customer, AgMark LLC of Beloit Kansas, as they share more about the benefits they receive from binSight and how it has brought their operations and merchandising together to make faster decisions.

Better Binning at Your Finger Tips

Proceres’ automated bin management software provides immediate, accurate quantity and quality information and eliminates the need for managing bin inventory “from memory” or on manual whiteboards for grain operations.

By having the right information at the right time gives you the advantage to determine such things as whether a contract with particular grade factor requirements can be met, and how full the grain elevator is and with what commodities, helps you be better prepared for harvest and shipping becomes less stressful. Personnel can keep track of grain for traceability plus more control in addressing tough issues like moisture shrink.

Real Time Grain Bin Information with BinSight

Manage Bin Inventory

Improve decision making with easy access to up-to-the-minute grain storage information.

  • View online bin board that displays quantity and quality attributes for each bin, as well as information about the contents including product, factors, capacities, last measure-up, and test results of last lab samples.
  • Stay up-to-date with continual automatic postings to the bin board with inbound and outbound quantities, while tracking quality on more than 14 averaged grade factors.
  • Make timely decisions such as whether a contract with particular grade factor requirements can be met and when inventory will be ready to ship for improved coordination between merchandising and operations.
  • Capture market opportunities and be ready for grain harvest seasons by knowing at a glance how full the bins are and with what commodities.

Save time by eliminating the need to manually calculate weighted average on one or many grade factors as loads are binned.

Are You Sure You Really Know What’s In Your Bins?


Achieve Better Blending

Maximize the value of your inventory with better blending.

  • Document the movement of product from source bins to destination bins.
  • Model “what if’ scenarios quickly without manual calculations to plan grain bin flow rates in order to reach target blend results more consistently.
  • Select bins and their proportions to rapidly arrive at desired blend/transfer factors and traits.
  • Reduce variability for minimizing discounts, maximizing premiums, and improving buyer satisfaction.

Make Better Blending & Shipping Decisions with BinSight

Tracking/Identity Preservation

Keep track of grain from start to finish – where it came from, where it went in the facility, and where it shipped – for traceability and identity preservation.


Generate reports for operations management, historical information, planning, and FSMA compliance.

Scale Automation Integration

Integrate to oneWeigh scale automation system to ensure correct storage bin assignments.

Farmway Coop Case Study - Better Binning & Inventory Management