Proceres is part of the Cultura Technologies family.

Our deep knowledge of grain origination is embedded in practical technology solutions that improve operational efficiency of grain handling.  Our easy to use and customizable software solutions are quickly deployed on any industry standard hardware platform.

As a solution provider, we focus on the operational aspects of grain facility operations and recommend practical automation when appropriate.  For over 25 years, we have been solving scale automation challenges with our oneWeigh™ Platform and Bulkweigh solutions to manage shipping and receiving needs. We have also focused on the needs of managing grain quality, inventory, and reporting for compliance – like FSMA – with our binSight™ automated bin management solution.  Most recently, we have introduced oneFreight™ which aids in transportation management and improves freight and dispatch processes.

As Cultura Technologies has been bringing technology solutions to agri-food businesses, we recognized that internally we could do even more by formalizing the scale automation group into a business unit. The same great scale automation team with a new name, dedicated to helping our customers solve their grain operation challenges by leveraging automation.

Look to us to continue delivering quality, practical solutions that are easy to use and help customers ease workload and cut operational costs. We are passionate about our customers and proud that grain operations of all sizes look to us for our industry expertise.

We are excited to be a part of the Cultura Technologies Grain & Oilseeds group which includes six unique companies bringing agri-food technology solutions and services to market:

  • Proceres (Scale and Grain Operations Division – North America)
  • Greenstone (Mid-Market Division – North America)
  • Solentra (Enterprise Division – North America and United Kingdom)
  • Primetics (Mid-Market Division – United Kingdom)
  • Core Technologies (Animal Feed – Ireland)
  • AMIC/A.eins (Commodity Management – Germany)