oneWeigh Quick Tips – May Edition

oneWeigh Quick Tips – May Edition
by Steve Day, Senior Product Manager – oneWeigh

For users of oneWeigh scale automation, it is always helpful to get a refresher on some shortcuts that were designed with your job in mind.  Here are three tips that just might make your day go faster!

Tip 1 – Short-Cut Tips That Will Save You Clicks – and Time

Many times the most productive Tips are the simplest.   Basic features that over time get overlooked or forgotten as original operators move on to new roles.  Every wasted movement, extra click or navigation step costs you time, unnecessary effort and frustration.

With oneWeigh™, we design the system to provide you with practical automation for the way you work.  There are some easy data entry tips that can be executed with one hand – which is important if you are passing by the PC with a grain sample in one hand, or the completed ticket to give to the customer who just came off the scale.

Are you using all the oneWeigh tools available for quick data capture at the scale?  There are global features that apply to all users such as using the “F” Keys (Function) on your keyboard for repetitive items like

Adding a Ticket – Press F2
Printing a Ticket – Press F8

Using the function keys for such tasks is much quicker than reaching for a mouse each time to click these items on screen.

Not certain which Function key does what?

Set your keyboard in front of the monitor and notice how the Function Keys (F) on the keyboard align with the large buttons on the oneWeigh Ticket Entry Screen, this is your guide.


Tip 2 – The Benefits of Touch Screen Monitors

A quick entry option that is often overlooked is the use of a touchscreen monitor.  The large program buttons in oneWeigh™ are specifically designed to work with touchscreen monitors.  This makes basic actions – such as Add, Print and Weigh – even easier to execute by simply touching the screen and eliminating the action of reaching for and navigating with the mouse.

Over the years the cost of a touchscreen monitor has come down to be just slightly more than a standard monitor, worth investigating if this idea appeals to you.


Tip 3 – Set up Tab Order For Quick Entry of Tickets

Here is a great tip that can help you get rid of using the mouse and speed up your day.  OneWeigh™ has an input option that can be customized to the operation of your specific workstation that is called Tab / Entry Order.  (Navigation Path:  ONE>Setup Information>Workstation Information>Tab Order).

In Tab Order setup, you can specify what field will be open for input when a ticket is added and what fields will be open for input next as you work thru a ticket.  As an example if you do not have a Tab Order setup and you ADD a ticket in oneWeigh the first field open for input will be Customer Name.  But what if the first thing you need to do is WEIGH the truck on the scale?  You as the operator have to grab the mouse, click on WEIGH, then click the next data field you want to work with.  It may not seem like a huge deal but multiply these extra steps by 100, 200, 300 trucks a day by 5 days a week and these unnecessary movements definitely add up.

By setting a Tab Order for the known steps you need to repeat, in order, on each ticket, you can drastically reduce if not eliminate the need to use a mouse.

For the above example, you could move Large Weigh Button to be the first item in your tab order.  If you made just this one change and utilized the Function Key tip – then starting a ticket in oneWeigh would go


Reach for mouse

Click Add

Click Weigh


Press F2 on keyboard to add the ticket

Press Enter on keyboard to weigh truck on the scale

Many oneWeigh users find these tips beneficial, we hope you do too!

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