Announcing oneWeigh Transfer Plus for Managing Grain Transfers

Are intracompany grain transfers causing a headache for your company?  

Do you create both sides of the transfer ticket at one location, and then do a weigh-only ticket at the other location?

Transferring grain between elevator locations is needed – and is often a headache.  We have listened to our customers and are excited to announce a new module for oneWeigh that automates this process for you – introducing Transfer Plus for oneWeigh truck scale automation.  For existing oneWeigh customers, this additional functionality solves many challenges faced when managing the transfer of grain between facilities.   You can now benefit from an automated accounting process, increased operational efficency, and reduction of risk from manual processes.

  • As a scale operator, you no longer need to go through the lengthy multi-step process on the grain ticket screen to complete a transfer
  • The manual process of copying weights and grades from the inbound to the outbound ticket is now done for you automatically
  • You can now assign a unique ticket number to all loads that are moving giving you visibility for traceability
  • You can scale on both the inbound and the outbound quickly, allowing your company to have checks and balances

Here are just a few benefits of this affordable tool:

  • Installing Transfer Plus for oneWeigh is easy
  • Easily add transfer load numbers to oneWeigh and you are set to go
  • Communication between elevator and drivers is improved
  • Integration with AGRIS means no more double-entry or manual processes for accounting

Learn more – check out these resources:

Transfer Plus Solution Sheet

Introduction to Transfer Plus Video

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