Announcing binSight™ Version 3.1.3 Release

Announcing binSight™ Version 3.1.3 Release

We are excited to announce a new release for binSight™, and we thank our customers for sharing valuable feedback with us as we continually enhance binSight.

  • binSight’s functionality assists grain businesses in complying with the FDA’s Food Safety and Modernization Act by tracking where grain came from, where it went in the facility and where it shipped for optimal traceability and identity preservation.
  • binSight provides the best tools for quantity and quality management versus keeping a marker board or spreadsheet up to date!

New features and enhancements include Product Category Pack Setup that allows flexability in pack index setup. Customer will also benefit from improvements to several reports as well! This release is available as of August 16 2017.

  • Setup:
    • Product Category Setup – a new product pack factor table has been added to Product Category Setup that works in conjunction with Bin Pack Index Setup to provide even more flexible pack calculations.
  • Transactions:
    • Ticket Entry – you can now enter Customer tickets contain “Farm” only in the Farm/Field setup.
  • Reports:
    • Operations Report – filtering updated on the new Handling Shrink Report.
    • Operations Report –an option is added to save Moisture Shrink Report as a .csv file.
    • Measure up report – grade factors now Print with each bin / commodity.
    • Transfer Activity – the destination bin(s) of a transfer now include quantities for each destination bin.

​Proceres customers on a maintenance and support plan can obtain the product release details from the Proceres Community website. Product release information, installation upgrade instructions and system requirements are available so they can plan for their upgrade and download the latest release. Visit to sign up for account access.

Customers who would like additional information or assistance in installing may contact Technical Support at or call 800-366-2474.

BinSight is an automated bin management system from Proceres, a Cultura Technologies company, that helps to improve decision making and manage traceability with up-to-the-minute inventory information. A solution designed to give your merchandising and operations team the information they need. For more information on how you can leverage this solution for correct binning, meeting contract requirements, producing more profitable blends, and tracking grain – visit binSight on our website today.

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