When it comes to your grain business, accuracy and timeliness are two of the most important challenges you’ll encounter. Both are essential to the success of your business, so ensuring you capture data as fast as possible – and that it’s unquestionably right – is non-negotiable. Even the simplest of automation can mean big improvement. Many elevators start with baseline automation of capturing weights, generating tickets and printing tickets. These processes save a tremendous amount of time, especially during harvest.

Top Challenges Solved

Are you challenged with getting more trucks through your grain facility?
It all boils down to keeping truck scale moving. Have you ever changed a planned route due to traffic? When there is along line waiting at your scale during harvest, you cannot afford to keep customers waiting or making it more difficult for your scale operators. With automation, more vehicles get processed in less time, customer satisfaction remains high, and employees get more done. Which has positive effects all the way to the bottom line.

What tasks are your employees spending too much time on?
Freeing up your personnel to work on revenue-generating activities is valuable to their satisfaction and your bottomline. With automation systems, you can even setup certain processes for unattended operations at your facility. Gone are time-consuming activities such as redundant data entry and answering phone calls related to customers’ account information.

Are there ways you can make customers happier?
All customers appreciate getting settlement checks more quickly. Automation software allows for added convenience throught the grain handling process, so haulers don’t get stuck waiting in lines. With the ability to automatically record information, errors on scale tickets are eliminated, so you avoid irriating customers due to mistakes. You can also use RFID technology to identify haulers and simultaneously print scale tickets inside and outside – haulers can save time by staying in their truck. Customers can also review their information 24/7, when it is convenient for them.

Are you having to re-enter information into your accounting system and double-checking for errors?
In any business, accurate data is key to knowing the true state of your business. The more often you have to manually key-in data, increases your risk for errors. Automation software gives you information when you need it and integrates to your grain commodity accounting system. Integration allows for accurate grade information to automatically post to tickets. Gone are the days of handwritten tickets and manual calculations determining load capacities or weights.

Our team can help you assess your needs and make practical recommendations for automation when you are ready. Feel free to learn more about the benefits of oneWeigh and check out stories from some of our customers on how automation improved their businesses.

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